Blegati Sustainability Program

Blegati focus on four main pillars to make a difference! 

1.0 We are changing the eyewear game!
The handmade Blegati bio acetate frames are produced using bio-based plasticisers and made from renewable sources. Our premium acetate frames are lightweight and are higher quality than plastic frames.

2.0 Sustainable and ethical manufacturing
Blegati focuses on ethical manufacturing, making sure all our suppliers and partners are compliant with global ethical standards. We create products using sustainable options where possible. Some of our sustainable options include Re-nylon, bio-acetateand recycled silver and gold for our jewellery.

3.0 Green logistics
Our main objectives are to reduce and avoid the emission of greenhouse gasses and local air pollutants. We proudly partner with international freight company; DHL, who calculate and offset the estimated CO2 equivalent emissions based on the shipments weight and distance travelled. To offset these emissions, carbon credits are bought from recognised climate protection projects that work on reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

4.0 Help end global hunger
Blegati commits to donating a percentage of every sale made to the United Nations World Food Programme: Share the meal. There are millions of hungry people in the world, but hunger is entirely solvable. The United Nations World Food Programme is on the frontline ensuring our donations reach those most in need.