The Blegati X Moxie collaboration brings together Blegati's edgy aesthetics and Moxie Raia's unstoppable futuristic aura to engineer the ultimate collection of statement sunglasses.

Meet Moxie Raia; a gifted songwriter, vocalist, performer, audio engineer and designer who has toured and collaborated with some of the biggest artists on the planet. After opening for Justin Bieber on the Purpose tour, Moxie highly recognizable catalogue grew quickly to include records with Post Malone, Wyclef Jean, and Goldlink.

"Under pressure become more pure” Moxie Raia


Help! I’m Obsessed With Miguel’s Futuristic Wrap Sunglasses!

"So when singer-songwriter Miguel popped up at the Grammys with an apocalyptic businessman-meets-warrior aesthetic, something deep inside me was activated. Was it the suit jacket made from different textiles? Or the industrial chains around his neck? No, it was his shiny black wrap sunglasses.

I knew I had to find them, so I went on a journey to the end of the internet (read: casually looked at a couple websites) and discovered that they’re by Blegati, a company seemingly forged in the 2000-era post-industrial vibes we love so much. Blegati also makes jewelry that looks like it’s from Elden ring, but the brand’s sunglasses are what I’m feeling right now. Namely, these Blegati x Moxie sunglasses."

By Adam Rothbarth

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