1.0 Sustainable and Ethical Manufacturing
At Blegati, we are dedicated to ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. Our commitment extends to ensuring all our suppliers and partners align with global ethical standards. We also place a strong emphasis on the use of eco-friendly materials in our products. Some of our sustainable choices include re-nylon, recycled silver, and gold for our jewelry, as well as bio-acetate for our sunglass frames.

2.0 Environmentally Conscious Logistics
Blegati prioritizes reducing our environmental impact throughout the supply chain. To minimize our carbon footprint and air pollutants, we've partnered with DHL, a global leader in eco-friendly logistics. DHL diligently calculates and offsets carbon emissions associated with the weight and distance of each shipment. These offsets support reputable climate protection projects that actively reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

3.0 Combatting Global Hunger
Blegati is dedicated to making a positive impact on global hunger. We pledge to donate a portion of every sale to the United Nations World Food Programme's Share The Meal initiative. While millions of people suffer from hunger worldwide, this issue is entirely surmountable. The United Nations World Food Programme is at the forefront, ensuring that our donations reach those who need it most.